Djahibre aka SugaMoss, whose real name is Djibril Succab, is a singer-songwriter and graphic illustrator from Guadeloupe born on August 10, 1983 in Abymes, Guadeloupe. He began music first under the pseudonym "Suga Moss" in a group in the Raizet district named "Raizcoast" then joined the collective "BlackUnite" based in Paris, in 2003, one of the best known of which is undoubtedly Guinean singer Lyricson. From 2004 to 2007, he shared stages with artists like Admiral T, Straïka D, Jamadom, Mighty Kalimba, performed in London (Ocean’s), in Paris (Zénith, Cabaret Sauvage) in many Sound Systems.

He was named Reggae Revelation of the Year 2004, with the underground opus "Lyrikal" recorded at Kapris'Studio, whose titles are reopened on the mixetape "X-Rated Tape".

Then he decides to return to Guadeloupe to develop his activity as a graphic designer "Suga'Art" and work on his music. This is where, after collaborating with Nazanat and selecta Bobo Ismaël on the memorable album mixetape "Ras Tape Rebel Tape (2007)", he develops a style melting Roots reggae and traditional music of the country, Gwo-Ka, Also by composing half of the songs. In fact, his style reflects an ever-widening influence between the Caribbean and Africa.

From then on he took the name of DJAHIBRE which means "The seeker of the Heart of God" in Kemetic language, reference to his real first name, and his future baptism name Hayle Gabriel (Power of the angel Gabriel) then released his first LP , self-produced, "AN TE-Anthology of SugaMoss (2012)" in collaboration with Don Jalys, Akuji, KakoLabo (Exxòs & Doub6). He performed numerous times with his musical band the I KA Band in all the island. Today converted to the Ethiopian Christian Orthodoxy Tewahedo, he continues to put his art at the service of a universal message of love and peace. He also part of the  CONSCIOUS WAY OUTERNATIONAL Crew within Selectress Abigene, Tiqur, Bobo Nattywell, Sistah Jahia.